A wellbeing brand with a passion for pattern


Slow Moon would love to bring some joy to your life through vibrant pattern and bright colour. Enjoy our beautifully designed products. We really hope they help encourage you to find some time for self-care and to help you relax. All our textiles products are made in the UK from natural and organic fabric.

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How it began

Hi, I’m Priscilla, a textile pattern designer and founder of Slow Moon. I'm based in London in the UK.


Eye pillows for Slow Moon first began as gifts made from scraps of my own designed fabric. They were a hit! It all started whilst using an eye pillow during a pregnancy yoga class. I was hooked! I had to make one for myself immediately.


Wellbeing and staying close to nature are at the heart of yoga practice. Teaming these values with my love for bold colour and vibrant pattern is where the brand Slow Moon began.

I’d really love for you to get involved in Slow Moon's journey – Say hi and tag @slowmoon_design in your posts and stories on facebook and instagram.

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