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What is an eye pillow?

The eye pillow is a small, grain filled pillow, 10cm by 22cm, and is used to block out unwanted light and provide a gentle pressure on your eyes. This pressure over the frontalis muscles near the eye sends a signal to your brain to soothe and calm you and will deepen relaxation.


How do I use the eye pillow?

Simply place over the eyes and tilt your head back or lie down.


How does the eye pillow work?

The natural movement and weight of the grains allows the bags to settle against the contours of the eyes and triggers a process, known as the oculocardiac reflex which can help reset and balance tensions. The very light pressure it applies around your eye sockets is transmitted via the vagus nerve, the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system. This information highway plays an important role in regulating and balancing mood, digestion and many other aspects of your body and is one of twelve cranial nerves that starts in the brain, and connects the neck to the chest, heart, belly, diaphragm, lungs, throat, inner ear, and facial muscles.

Can I heat or cool the eye pillow?

The eye pillow can be used heated or cooled anywhere on the body. The cellular structure of the grains are known to be great for insulation as the water molecules within the grain heat up. They are particularly good at evenly distributing both heat and cold. Again this aids relaxation, but also provides great pain relief and comfort.


How long will the eye pillow remain hot or cold after heating or freezing?

The eye pillow will retain it’s heat for 20 minutes if heated or retain it’s cool for 15 minutes if chilled


Can the eye pillow be heated in the oven if I do not own a microwave?

The eye pillow can be heated in an electric oven. It should not be heated in a gas cooker or with the grill. Please see the care instructions on how to do this.


Is it easy for the eye pillow to burn? How do I prevent this from happening?

The eye pillow can burn if it is not rehydrated frequently. To prevent this from happening please rehydrate frequently. If using a microwave to heat, place a small glass bowl of water in the microwave with your inner bag. If using an oven to heat, very lightly sprinkle with water before heating.


Is the eye pillow scented?

The eye pillow is unscented. At slow moon we choose not to scent our eye pillow with dried plants such as lavender as these scents can fade over time. This leaves you free to scent with your choice of scent. Please see care instructions on how to do this. If using heated, please make sure you do this after it is heated.


Can I wash the eye pillow?

The eye pillow comes with a removable cover that can be either washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees or it can be hand washed. Avoid using a tumble dry and do iron with care. Please do not wash the inner bag containing the grains. This is to ensure the grains remain dry. Getting them wet will damage them.


How do I store the eye pillow?

Store at room temperature anywhere you like or long term in the freezer.


Does the eye pillow have an expiry date?

The eye pillow is made to last several years if looked after as instructed.


Why does my eye pillow feel damp after I heat it?

The eye pillow is filled with wheat and linseed which when heated for the first few times may get damp, this can be towel dried on the surface. This occurs as the wheat releases moisture, it may therefore be damp for the first use or for the first few uses, after which it will settle down and remain dry.


Is the eye pillow safe to use whilst pregnant?

The eye pillow is safe to use whilst pregnant, on the eyes, and anywhere on the body except anywhere on the belly area. If you are unsure, do consult your doctor.


Can children use the eye pillow?

It is not unsafe to use the eye pillow on children. We at slow moon do not advise you to use your eye pillow on babies and we would recommend that young children be supervised during use. If heated please check the temperature before use.


Where is the eye pillow made?

Our eye pillow is designed and made in the UK in our studio. All our organic fabrics are sourced from UK suppliers and printed in the UK. The grains used to fill them are and UK grown.


Can I exchange or return my purchase?

Your purchase can be refunded or exchanged if returned within 14 days of receipt. You as the buyer are responsible for the return mailing cost. We recommend you get proof of postage and use a trackable mailing system. If you would like to do this please contact us via email and state whether you would like a refund or exchange and we will get back to you. Please do not send items back to us before contacting us.

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