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Why our eye pillow deepens your relaxation

Our eye pillow is weighted and so applies a gentle pressure over the eyes. This pressure over the frontalis muscles near the eyes is known to induce deep relaxation. Our eye pillow also blocks out any light which aids a deep relaxation by reducing distraction. So much so, you may fall asleep.


Covering your eyes by cupping your hands over your eyes can be done at the end of a yoga practice to help deepen relaxation. This is a technique that has been used by yogis for many, many years. Our eye pillow offers an alternative way to tap into that relaxation.


We have chosen to fill our eye pillow with UK grown wheat and linseed. The natural movement of the grains allows the bags to settle against the contours of the eyes which ultimately deepens relaxation. The cellular structure of the grains are known to be great for insulation as the water molecules within the grain heat up. They are particularly good at evenly distributing both heat and cold. Again this aids relaxation, but also provides great natural pain relief and comfort. 


For soothing aches and pains around the body, applying heat to an area improves circulation and blood flow in that area. This relaxes and soothe the muscles, aids flexibility and the repairing of damaged tissue. Applying cold to the eyes can help reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes. And applying cold to an injury on the body reduces blood flow to that area, this slows the rate of inflammation and reduces the risk of swelling and tissue damage. It can also numb an injured area, acting as a local anaesthetic.