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Find Your Quiet Place

At Slow Moon we love to use our eye pillows to aid relaxation, by helping you to unwind.

They are perfect for use :

To relax tired eyes and alleviate puffiness

During meditation

To help you fall asleep

To end your yoga practice with

During your work/screen break time

If you have a migraine

On aches and pains anywhere on the body

As drug free pain relief

Our handmade pillows are designed at our London studio. They are printed in the UK using azo-free dyes. All fabric used is 100% GOTS certified cotton. They are also perfectly weighted to provide a deep relaxation and filled with 100% UK grown organic wheat and linseed. They can be heated or cooled if you desire and have a removable cover that can be washed at 30 degrees C.


Trying to Relax

Regular time to relax is key to avoiding burnout. But sometimes finding time for it can be hard. At Slow Moon we wanted to make a product that is small enough for you to take anywhere and use anytime. Just place it on your eyes and feel the effect instantly. There is no effort at all needed to enjoy our product. A few minutes is all you need, and so it’s perfect for use during those quick screen time


Why our eye pillow deepens your relaxation

Stone Pebbles

We choose local suppliers

Tropical Leaves

We choose organic, azo-free dyes & recycled paper


Slow Moon is an earth conscious wellbeing brand with a passion for pattern