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Organic Cotton | UK designed and printed

Slow Moon has a passion for pattern and colour

We use natural and organic fabric that is printed in the UK


Our eye pillows aid relaxation by helping you to unwind

Our handmade pillows are designed at our London studio. They are printed in the UK using azo-free dyes. All fabric used is GOTS certified cotton. They are also perfectly weighted to provide a deep relaxation and filled with UK grown wheat and linseed. They can be heated or cooled if you desire and have a removable cover that can be washed at 30º C


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Find Your Quiet Place

Regular time to relax is key to avoiding burnout. But sometimes finding time for it can be hard.

At Slow Moon we wanted to make products that are small enough for you to take anywhere and use anytime. Just place our eye pillow on your eyes. The weighted sensation sends you into a deep relaxation. Heat or cool the eye pillow wheat bag for added comfort.


Perfect for those quick screen time breaks!

What our customers say


I love my eye pillow. It was the print I was drawn to initially but I can’t live without this now, and it gives me the bit of time I need after a yoga practice or for extra encouragement into a few mins of mindfulness.


I’ve had a tense head all day & just got it out of the freezer to put on my eyes. Delightful!


A fantastic product in every sense – softness of fabric, beauty of print, ease of use, variety of applications and environmentally friendly! I personally use it to reduce the puffiness of my eyes, it feels wonderful when cold!


Top notch quality! I love the pattern

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Why our eye pillow deepens relaxation

Our eye pillow is weighted and so applies a gentle pressure over the eyes. This pressure over the frontalis muscles near the eyes is known to induce deep relaxation.